The Artist’s Life

I would like to invite you to join me on my East meets West journey.Starting from the heart of England Macclesfield Cheshire.Macclesfield famous for its silk and considered the beginning of the silk road in Europe by the Silk Road Organisation.
Macclesfield has been my silk thread starting point.Here my mother assisted with the silk parachute production during World War 11.As she laboured with silk as I grew in her womb the sounds & smells of the silk permeated my senses.I was born with a desire to always wear silk.Silk is the sensation of the safety and protection of the womb.My designs for myself eventually became the commercial product for many women and especially the rich and famous who are often in most need of the protection of the womb.On the silk I would paint with the needle with silk threads and beads and sequins wonderful pictures of colourful beautiful flowers birds butterflies and landscapes.Most of my silk thread Creative Commercial Cultural journey took place in China in Suchow and Hong Kong. My Silk journey now is without the exhausting commercial silk manufacturing.I am using the inspiration of the History of Silk the past while living in the present and studying and thinking about the future. it continues in my painting the beauty of nature up in the worlds mountains in Spain and China.

One thought on “The Artist’s Life

  1. Thank you for sharing on the plane to England to my good friend Chris the other day on your life. I have been praying for him for many many years for believers to come across his path. We are the salt of the earth …..Dave

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